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Meeting Room Hire

Are you working from home but occasionally need to meet your customers or business partners

in a formal environment? Are you visiting Harare and need to hold a professional meeting? Do you

need to do interviews and want a formal setup to carry them out in? If your answer to any of the

above is "Yes", then the meeting room hire service is what you need. Hire out a meeting room just

for the time you need it.


Hire rates for the meeting room are:

  • US$10 for the first hour, and US$5 per additional hour over that, or
  • US$50 per day


Meeting room hire should be confirmed and booked well in advance, as there is normally a high level of demand

for the facility.

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Should you want to confirm availability of your desired time, or want to make a booking, you can do so on our Online platform by clicking the button below

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If you would like more details, you can get hold of us on Whatsapp by clicking on the button below.

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