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Co-Working Space

Co-Working Space

Co-Working Space

If you are just starting up, working from home but need a professional address for your business card, need to meet clients and also need to be able to do some work in town every now and then (check e-mail, access internet), you can use our co-working space. The co-working space package gives you the following benefits:

  • Professional business address at our prime location, which you can use on your business stationery
  • 5GB wi-fi data per month
  • 36 hours per month where you can come to our office and get working space to be able to work and access wi-fi. *
  • Five hours meeting room access per month for when you need to host your clients.*
  • Virtual reception service which gives**
    • General queries attendance
    • Receipting and invoicing
    • Order dispatch service

*Please note that this access is subject to booking, and is only available during normal office hours (i.e. Monday to Friday, 0800hrs to 1700hrs). Additional time slots for use of meeting room can be purchased at the normal going rates.

If you are already on the Co-workspace subscription and would like to make a booking for part of your 36 hours you can do so on the button below:

Book for co-workspace utilisation

If you would like to book the meeting room under your meeting room hours you can do so by clicking here

**The Virtual Reception service is subject to a fair useage policy. It is not suitable for high volume business, or for businesses where there would be need for detailed engagements with your customers.

The cost for the co-working space product is US$30 per month. Please note that the co-working space facility is only open to businesses that are paid-up members of the SME Association of Zimbabwe. For details of membership and to join as a member, click here. If you are already a paid-up member you can use the link below to subscribe.

Contact us to get your co-working space solution today.


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