Liquidity Index

While information from the Reserve Bank shows an increasing level of deposits in banks, the situation on the ground appears to be the direct opposite. According to most of the SMEs and even large corporations we are speaking to, January was a quiet month as usual, but February instead of picking up as has been the case in previous years, was worse than January. March also appears to have been worse than February.

In order to get a more objective picture of what is happening, we have therefore come up with a Liquidity Index, which will be based on responses from businesses registered with us. To make this index simple, we have based it on a simple scale which tries to determine the extent of challenges by seeing how well businesses are able to cover costs and make profits.

We will compile a composite Liquidity Index by creating a weighted average of all the results we obtain.

Note that the polling software does not give details of who voted in which direction, therefore no one will know how you voted. It simply aggregates all votes and displays a result. Please be honest, as this information will be useful to us as an Association so that we know what interventions to lobby for.