Tender Watch

The Tender Watch is a service we provide whereby tenders published in the local media are sent via e-mail, and are also given on the website. We update tenders daily, and a tender is kept featured on the Tender Watch until its last date to bid. This ensures you never miss out on any tender.

Please note that while you are able to get e-mails that enable you to view what tenders are available by simply registering on our website, only paid-up members will be able to view full details of the tenders. Specifically only Premium, Platinum and Affiliate members are able to view tender details. Registered and Subscribed members do not have access to the full tender details.

In addition to providing tenders on a daily basis, we also offer the following additional services:

  • Assistance in obtaining Tender financing.
  • Assistance in completing bids, and bid management through our consulting members. The following members provide bid management services: