Our mandate is to transform your small or medium-sized business into a large corporation - or to assist you to grow to an optimal size, if your aim is not market leadership. We provide support services, and act as a platform for the advancement of SME interests in Zimbabwe.

We recognise and appreciate that each business is unique, and requires specific assistance for it to achieve its goals. Therefore, the first thing that we do upon you becoming a paid-up member of the association is to hold a one-on-one meeting with you in order for us to understand your specific requirements. At the end of that meeting, we come up with an action plan that is aimed at enabling you to achieve your growth objectives. Jointly, we will then execute that plan and ensure that you achieve your growth objectives.

Based on the information that we have been getting from members, we have identified five key areas that are problematic for small and medium-sized businesses:

We have come up with various solutions to each challenge. Depending on your specific circumstances, we draw down from these general solutions, or in case of need develop other solutions to specifically address your need.