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Training & Productivity

Training & Productivity

Ongoing training and development for the entrepreneur, as well as development of the human resource base within an enterprise are critical elements needed to ensure that a business grows. As such, the Association provides training programs in the areas of business skills development for the entrepreneur, and productivity improvement training for their employees.

Our training programs are based on the internationally-acclaimed Start, Improve and Expand Your Business programs developed by the ILO. These programs have been used over the last 30 years in over 100 countries to help over 23 million entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. The SME Association of Zimbabwe has licensed and experienced SIYB trainers to deliver this training.

Growth Strategy and Business Planning

Every new paid-up member goes through our Growth Strategy and Business Planning training. This training is meant to infuse growth DNA into the business, and ensure that all efforts and activities are geared towards achieving the growth objective set by the entrepreneur. Details are provided in the link above.

Business Skills Training

Our business skills training programs complement, and are an addition to the Growth Strategy & Business Planning training referred to above. The business skills training is meant to complement the entrepreneur's existing knowledge base so that they fill in gaps in knowledge that may hinder them from achieving their growth objectives. Our business skills trainings for small entrepreneurs consist of the following:

In addition to these, we also offer the following non-SIYB trainings:

The following training programs are provided for medium-sized enterprises:

  • Strategic Financial Management
  • Strategic Operations Management
  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • Strategic Human Resources Management

Employee Recruitment & Productivity

As part of our services to members, we assist members to hire the right staff for their business, who will add value and improve operations, rather than hinder them. We also provide training in human resource management to ensure that you get the most productivity from your human resource base.

Where an entrepreneur already has a work team in place, we also provide soft skills training to improve their effectiveness and productivity. The right attitude, mindset and work ethic are critical to ensuring that growth is realised in the enterprise.


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