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Small and medium sized enterprises providing general services in Zimbabwe.

Small and medium sized enterprises providing general services in Zimbabwe.




1. Allumez Capital (Pvt) Ltd

Venture capital raising capacitation, financing solutions and professional support services. More Info

2. Discraft (Pvt) Ltd

3 Reviews
Printing of business cards, flyers, posters, receipt, invoices, and delivery notebooks. More Info

3. Moneymart Finance

Microfinance Institution More Info

4. Rapstan Eng. (Pvt) Ltd

Security Solutions Simplified

Provision of engineering services in security and alternative power solutions. More Info

5. SME Association of Zimbabwe

Growing start-ups, small and medium enterprises into large corporations

We assist growth-oriented start-ups, small and medium enterprises to grow their businesses through provision of support services. More Info

6. Banou Technologies t/a Sigma Systems

Success Through Technology

Provision of sustainable ICT and tendering solutions. More Info

7. Priceniche Technologies (Pvt) Ltd

Always simple, always best.

ICT equipment and services, canteen equipment, research, surveys, data and project management. More Info

8. Canlink (Pvt) Ltd

Quality network equipment you can trust.

2 Reviews
Suppliers of networking equipment, packaging materials, telecommunications and implementation of VoIP solutions. More Info

9. Secondary Book Press

Anchors of the schools curricula.

Publish textbooks for primary, secondary and tertiary education. More Info

10. Digital Edge Solutions (Pvt) Ltd

For leading edge solutions

Suppliers of ICT hardware, software, enterprise systems integration, security, and corporate branding solutions. More Info

11. Books For Life

Suppliers of stationery (office and school), educational books and Bibles. Printing, lamination and photocopying services More Info

12. Labcal Instruments (Pvt) Ltd

Total Quality Solutions

Instruments calibration, sales, servicing, installation & repair. More Info

13. Cornerstone Connect (Pvt) Ltd

Technology as a fulcrum for business

Provider of cloud computing services backed by Microsoft. More Info

14. Jack's Laundry Services


Commercial and domestic laundry services provider. More Info

15. Marketing Republik (Pvt) Ltd

Disrupt and Dominate!

Marketing Services Agency More Info

16. Control Alternate Automate (Pvt) Ltd

IT service provider specializing in support and Microsoft licensing. More Info

17. Petalm Africa Solutions (Pvt) Ltd

Software company offering: Accounting & Payroll Solutions & Training (Sage, Paywell, Oracle, Payspace), Human Resources Solutions, Inventory, Sales & CRM (OACEY) ERPNext (Accounting, Inventory, Procurement, Sales, CRM & Website management) More Info

18. Metro Speed Security

Provider of security service solutions. More Info

19. Clotpac (Pvt) Ltd

~ Making everything around you precisely clean ~

Provision of cleaning services and cleaning detergents for residential and commercial buildings. More Info

20. Faratech (Pvt) Ltd

6 Reviews
ICT Products. More Info

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SME Association of Zimbabwe

Growing start-up, small and medium sized enterprises into large corporations

Our mandate is to help start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses to grow into large corporations. We also work with large corporations, development agencies & partners, and other organisations interested in working with SMEs (affiliates).