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1. Clotpac Private Limited

 33 Hospital Road Hospital Road, Kwekwe, Kwekwe
Supplies all cleaning and security services and More Info

2. Shaysha Investments (Pvt) Ltd

 8 York Avenue, Newlands, Harare
Fumigation services, equipment sales and cleaning services. More Info

3. Hilsmag Corporation (Pvt) Ltd

 40 Van Praah, Milton Park, Harare
House-keeping services, contract house workers and house keeping consultancy services. More Info

4. Clotpac (Pvt) Ltd

 10 Masotcha Ndlovu, Waterfalls, Harare
Suppliers of cleaning and hygiene services, cleaning detergents, materials supply and PPE, pest control and fumigation services for both residential and commercial buildings. More Info

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