Affiliate Membership

What is Affiliate membership?

Affiliate members are organisations or large corporations who fall outside of the definition of small or medium sized enterprises as defined by the Association, but have a vested interest in SME development, or are looking to do business with SMEs. Such organisations shall include members of the Association who have graduated to becoming large corporations, but are interested in retaining their links with the Association.

Affiliate members pay an annual subscription of RTGS$ 600 or RTGS$ 60 per month.


Affiliate membership gives large corporations and partners access to the Association and its SME members. Most corporate Affiliates are interested in marketing their products and developing business relationships, while partners are often looking to provide developmental services. As with other memberships, we meet on a one-on-one basis with Affiliates, to understand how exactly they would like to interact with the membership. We then develop a specific action plan for each Affiliate.

Specific benefits available to Affiliates include:

  1. Featuring your banner adverts in our newsletters and on the website for free.
  2. Direct marketing of your products/services to members of the Association.
  3. Access to tenders (detailed).
  4. Participation and distribution of marketing material at networking events and other free events.
  5. Priority access to sponsorship marketing opportunities.

Additional benefits that we can provide include:

  1. Assistance in coming up with SME-relevant products.
  2. Development and execution of marketing and other SME strategies.
  3. Market surveys using our database.
  4. Outsourcing and cost-cutting.
  5. Facilitating linkages between SMEs and Affiliates.
  6. Assistance in creating micro-franchises for product distribution.

Click here to download/view a PDF summary of the different membership categories, and associated benefits.


  1. Affiliate members are not entitled to the benefits enjoyed by the actual SMEs, and do not have a vote in meetings of members. Their main benefit is the ability to access SMEs through our various platforms, and to participate in the Association's activities as a way of raising their corporate profile.

How to become an affiliate

If your organisation is interested in affiliate membership, please contact Farai Mutambanengwe on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will arrange to meet you.

If you want instant access to restricted pages, you can register online by going through the following steps:

  1. If you have not already done so, register on the website (click here to register), and ensure you confirm your e-mail address, then log onto this site and come back to this page.
  2. For Affiliate (large corporate/other large organisations) membership you can pay RTGS$ 600 for the full year, or go on the monthly payment option, which is RTGS$ 30 per month.

You can then complete your registration online below, or alternatively, you can Visit our office to consult a Member Consultant who can guide you through the process.