Standard Membership (Tenders & Basic Access)

What is Standard (basic access) membership?

A Registered or Potential Entrepreneur member shall become a Standard member upon payment of the relevant Standard subscription, as laid out in the By-laws. Standard membership is open to any individuals or organisations regardless of size or incorporation status.


The Standard membership provides access to basic services from the Association including the Tender Watch as well as marketing services for small or medium sized enterprises only. It does not however include the services of a dedicated Member Consultant. Services which are part of the Premium and Platinum membership categories are only available on payment of additional service fees, if one is on the Standard membership package.

Some of the benefits and areas where the Association can assist Standard members are:

    1. Training in Growth Strategy formulation, and Business Planning
    2. Marketing your products on the business directory and online shop.
    3. Access to tenders (detailed).
    4. Inclusion in the business linkages program.
    5. Business skills training to enhance your competence in effectively running and growing your business (additional costs apply).
    6. Discount on fees for attending the Association's business events and meetings.
    7. Lobbying and advocacy services, where the Standard member’s issue is of a nature that affects several other members’ operations.
    8. Assistance with seeking suitable infrastructure for your business.
    9. Attend and vote at general meetings of the Association.
    10. Election of their representative(s) into sub-committees and the Executive Committee of the Association.
    11. Other additional benefits that the Association may from time to time unveil.

How to become a Standard member

For Standard membership you can pay ZW$7 000 for the full year, or you can go on the monthly payment option which entails an initial ZW$1 400 joining/registration fee plus ZW$700 first month subscription (i.e. ZW$2 100 initial payment, in total), then ZW$700 a month thereafter. Payments can be made in foreign currency using the prevailing exchange rate (special discounts apply for US dollar payments).

You can complete your registration online below, or alternatively, you can visit our office to speak to a Member Consultant who can guide you through the process.

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