NMB Bank Limited

NMB Bank Limited, previously known as National Merchant Bank of Zimbabwe Limited, is a commercial bank in Zimbabwe. It is licensed by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. NMB Bank offers the following products for small and medium sized enterprises:

SME Accounts

The SME account offers access to normal current account banking services, as well as access to loans. The following loan types can be accessed through these accounts:

Invoice Discounting

Order Finance

Working Capital Finance

Equity Release Loans

Equity Release Loans

These loans allow you to mortgage your house or property in order to get funding for your business. You are offered up to 60% of the value of the property.

How to Access Facilities

To access the above, you first of all need to open an SME banking account with NMB Bank. A three-month waiting period applies for new customers before they can access lending products, but this can be waived in special circumstances where you have a current banking relationship with another financial institution, and the banking history justifies the lending.

Once the account is operational, details are obtainable by contacting the SME department.