FBC Bank

FBC Bank Limited, is a commercial bank in Zimbabwe. It is licensed by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. FBC Bank Limited is part of FBC Holdings, which is an investment holding company listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and whose principal activities are in Zimbabwe. The Group offers diverse financial services through subsidiaries that span commercial banking, mortgage financing, short-term insurance, re-insurance, securities trading and micro financing. In all, FBC Holdings Group comprises FBC Bank Limited, FBC Building Society, FBC Reinsurance, FBC Securities (Private) Limited,  MicroPlan Financial Services (Private) Limited and an insurance company

It offers the following products that are relevant to SMEs

Order / Tender Finance

FBC Bank has rolled out an order Financing facility which targets SMEs supplying to large corporations of reputable financial standing.

Preferred companies to be supplied are those that are on the ZSE and not limited to

-Delta Beverages



-Meikles Group



-Tel One


-Old Mutual

-Mining Companies such as Marange's ZDC, Freda Rebecca, Mettalon Gold Mines, Mimosa, Zimplasts, Zimasco, Afrochine, Anglo-Unki et cetera.


Minimum order sizes of $10,000.00 and no maximum.



1. Confirmed order in writing

2. The Corporate must be able to issue us an irrevocable letter of undertaking to the effect that they will pay supplier upon receipt of goods/products on a specific date and into the supplier's account with FBC Bank.

N.B Those SMEs with no accounts with FBC are welcome but will have to open the account into which payments will be made.

3. SME must have formal business and be up to date with statutory payments such as ZIMRA, NSSA etc. A tax clearance Certificate is thus required to be able to access package.

4. All Company documents: CR14, CR6, CR2 or copies of Shareholding Certificates; Memo & Articles of Association; Certificate of Incorporation,Proof of ID and Proof of Residencies for Signatories or Directors to Company.

5. In addition the following must be submitted at the time of facility application

- Company Profile

-Hard copies or soft copies on PDF  of 3-6 months bank statements from current bankers

-Aged Debtors and Creditors Lists

6. If the company is able to provide Financials (2016; 2017 and Management Accounts to June 2018) this will be most welcome.

N.B Lack of security is not a barrier at all. Those without security can still access facility without hassles.