Our membership is split into five categories:

1.       Registered member: No joining fee, limited benefits (mostly information-only, plus
                                               group representation).

2.       Subscribed member: aspiring entrepreneurs, and those who are just starting off. We help you
                                            avoid common fatal start-up mistakes, and advise on how best to start
                                            off on the right footing.

3.       Premium member: small-scale enterprises (turnover less than US$240 000 per annum,
                                             and/or total assets less than US$100 000 in value)

4.       Platinum member: medium-sized enterprises (turnover and assets above those of
                                             premium members, but below US$1 million assets, and/or US$3 million turnover)

5.       Affiliate member: large corporations or other organizations wishing to interact with, or do
                                       business with SMEs.



Members pay annual joining fees, which currently stand at the following levels:

Registered member      $0

Subscribed member      US$24 per annum [RTGS$48]

Premium member         US$100 per annum [RTGS$200], or US$10 [RTGS$20] per month (initial joining
                                         fee of US$20 [RTGS$40])

Platinum member         US$200 per annum [RTGS$400], or US$20 per month [RTGS$40]

Affiliate member           US$300 per annum [RTGS$600], or US$30 per month [RTGS$60]


Steps towards becoming a member

  1. If your business/organisation falls under the "Affiliate" category above, contact Farai Mutambanengwe on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  2. For start-up, small and medium enterprises, register yourself and your business by following the online registration procedures. Click here to see these.
  3. Depending on your business' size, become a Premium (small enterprise) or Platinum (medium-sized enterprise) member by paying the appropriate membership fee. Benefits available for each class of membership are outlined here.