Membership Categories

Our membership is split into five categories:

Registered member

Keep up to date with developments in the SME space and participate in free programs. All business sizes welcome!


Potential Start-Up

Start your business right by planning and avoiding the mistakes that result in over 90% of start-ups failing.

For aspiring entrepreneurs who have not yet finalised on their business idea.

RTGS$75 (once-off)

Small Enterprises

Put your small enterprise on the growth path by refining your business model and implementing solid growth strategies.

Membership for businesses with:
   Employees:              0 - 20
   Annual turnover:    0 - US$240 000
   Total assets:            0 - US$100 000

RTGS$300 per annum
or $30 per month

Medium Enterprises

Expand your medium-sized entity into a large corporation through tailored expansion/scale-up strategies and interventions.

Membership for businesses with:
     Employees:             21 - 75
     Annual turnover:   US$240k to US$3m
     Total assets:           US$100k to US$1m

RTGS$600 per annum
or $60 per month

Affiliate member

Large corporations, NGOs or other organizations wishing to interact with, or do business with SMEs can take advantage of our platform to meet them.

Membership for businesses with total assets and/or annual turnover exceeding thresholds for medium-sized enterprises.

RTGS$900 per annum
or $90 per month