Premium Membership (Small Enterprises)

What is premium (small enterprise) membership?

A Registered or Subscribed member shall become a Premium (small enterprise) member upon payment of the relevant Premium subscription, as laid out in the By-laws. Premium membership shall be open only to enterprises classified as small enterprises (asset base less than US$100 000, or annual turnover less than US$240 000).


Our membership primarily provides one-on-one mentorship to help grow your business from small to medium, and finally large corporation. We have a tested process that helps take your business from where you are, to when you achieve your business' vision.

Some of the benefits and areas where the Association can assist Premium members are:

    1. Training in Growth Strategy formulation, and Business Planning
    2. Marketing your products on the business directory and online shop (additional fees apply).
    3. Access to tenders (detailed).
    4. Inclusion in the business linkages program.
    5. Automatic entry into the Local Legends competition.
    6. Assistance with seeking funding for your business through banks within our affiliate network.
    7. Seeking investors for your business.
    8. Discounted fees for participating in our training programs.
    9. Discount on fees for attending the Association's business events and meetings.
    10. Lobbying and advocacy services, where the Premium member’s issue is of a nature that affects several other members’ operations.
    11. Preferential access to funding and any other benefits sourced by the Association through its activities, up to a limit of US$50 000.
    12. Assistance with seeking suitable accommodation for your business.
    13. Attend and vote at general meetings of the Association.
    14. Election of their representative(s) into sub-committees and the Executive Committee of the Association.
    15. Other additional benefits that the Association may from time to time unveil.

      Click here to download/view a PDF summary of the different membership categories, and associated benefits.

      Where relevant, access to membership benefits shall be on a seniority basis, with those who became members on earlier dates being given preferential access to members who joined subsequently.


  1. No business whose assets and/or turnover exceed the threshold stipulated in the eligibility section shall be allowed to be registered as a Premium (small enterprise) member. Should your assets and/or turnover exceed the threshold, you should register as a Platinum member.

How to become a Premium member

Please go through the following steps to register as a Premium (small enterprise) member:

  1. If you have not already done so, register on the website (click here to register), and ensure you confirm your e-mail address, then log onto this site.
  2. For Premium (small enterprise) membership you can pay US$100 [RTGS$200] for the full year, or go on the monthly payment option which entails an initial US$20 [RTGS$40] registration fee, then US$10 [RTGS$20] a month thereafter. For payment modalities, click here.
  3. After processing your payment, download and complete the Membership Application Form, then e-mail the completed form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Alternatively, you can Visit our office to consult a Member Consultant who can guide you through the process.