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Platinum (Medium sized) Membership

What is Platinum (Medium sized enterprise) membership?
Platinum (medium-sized enterprise) membership is open only to enterprises classified as medium sized enterprises (asset base over US$100 000 but not exceeding US$1 million, annual turnover exceeding US$240 000, but not exceeding US$3 million, and/or number of employees exceeding 20, but not more than 75).


In line with our mission to grow small and medium-sized enterprises into large corporations, our assistance to this category of membership is primarily aimed at growing them into large corporations. Should the entity not wish to pursue this option, we still provide support services to enable it to operate optimally at its desired size.

Similar to the Premium membership, Platinum members are entitled to one-on-one services that start with mapping out a specific growth strategy and action plan aimed at achieving their growth targets. Our regional and international expansion programs help you to scale up your business from being a medium-sized entity to being a large regional or international business.

Platinum members are entitled to:

    1. Assistance in formulation of expansion strategy, including participation at your specific Strategy session, or within board meetings, on an advisory basis.
    2. Participation in the Export Development Program as well as related business expansion programs.
    3. Inclusion in regional and international export development initiatives.
    4. Marketing your products on the business directory and online shop (priority listing).
    5. Inclusion in the business linkages program.
    6. Access to tenders (detailed) and assistance in tendering.
    7. Advanced, international Strategic Management training programs that help you optimise operations, marketing, productivity and human resource management.
    8. Automatic entry into the Local Legends competition under the medium-sized enterprises' category.
    9. Assistance with seeking funding for your business through banks within our affiliate network and other funding entities, up to a limit of US$1 million.
    10. Assistance with seeking investors for your business, where necessary.
    11. Discount on fees for attending the Association's business events and meetings.
    12. Lobbying and advocacy services.
    13. Attend and vote at general meetings of the Association. 
    14. Election of your representative(s) into sub-committees and the Executive Committee of the Association.
    15. Other benefits as the Association may from time to time decide to avail.


  1. No business whose assets and/or turnover is below or above the thresholds stipulated in the eligibility section shall be allowed to be registered as a Platinum member.

How to become a Platinum member

For Platinum (medium-sized enterprise) membership you pay a subscription of ZW$28 000 for the full year, or go on the monthly payment option, which is an initial ZW$1 400 joining/subscription fee plus first month subscription of ZW$2 800 (i.e. ZW$4 200 in total first payment), then ZW$2 800 per month thereafter. Payments can be made in other currencies using the prevailing exchange rate (special discounts applicable on  US dollar payments).

You can complete your registration online below, or alternatively, you can visit our office to consult a Member Consultant who can guide you through the process.

Kindly note that the figures you will get when you register online are US dollar figures. If paying by Zimbabwe dollar through offline payments, please use the amounts indicated above.

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Trouble registering?

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