Benefits of Membership

Summary of benefits of membership


  Registered Subscribed Small Medium
      Annual - US$24 US$100 US$200
      Monthly - n/a US$10 (initial US$20) US$20
Information service Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated Member Consultant No No Yes Yes
Tailored Growth Strategy formulation No Yes Yes Yes
Priority support services No No Yes Yes
Start-up assistance        
    Generate Your Business Idea (training) No Yes No No
    Start Your Business (training) No Yes Yes Yes
Access to Markets        
    Marketing Strategy formulation No No Yes Yes
    Access to Tenders No No Yes Yes
    Online marketing        
           Business directory No No Yes Yes
           Online shop No No Yes Yes
    Sales agents* No No Yes Yes
    Networking Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Export assistance No No Yes Yes
    Mailshot* Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Access to funding*        
     Savings & Credit Cooperative No  No  Yes  Yes 
     Invoice discounting No No  Yes  Yes
     Order finance  No No  Yes  Yes
     Working capital finance No  No  Yes Yes
     Asset finance  No No   Yes Yes 
     Equity investor sourcing  No No  No   Yes
 Training & Productivity        
     Business planning  No  Yes  Yes Yes 
     Business skills training*  No  Yes Yes  Yes 
      Strategic business management*  No No  No  Yes 
     Employee recruitment services* Yes  Yes Yes   Yes
     Mentors, advisors and directors sourcing  No  Yes  Yes Yes 
     Offices Yes  Yes   Yes Yes
     Workstations*  No No   Yes Yes 
     Virtual office* No No Yes Yes
Lobbying & Advocacy        
     Ease of doing business reforms No No Yes Yes
     Government, parastatal, municipality reforms No Yes Yes Yes
     ZIMRA, RBZ, ZIMTRADE e.t.c. representation No Yes Yes Yes
     All policy & legal reforms representation No No Yes Yes
      Eligibility for Local Legends awards No No Yes Yes
      Access to government and donor programs No No Yes Yes
      Priority access to third party programs No No Yes Yes
* - Additional costs may apply
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