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Funding is the lifeblood of any business and without access to appropriate, affordable funding, business growth is stifled, if not killed altogether. The SME Association of Zimbabwe is able to provide funding through our SMEAZ Savings and Credit Cooperative Society Limited, and also through partner financial institutions that we work with. We also provide a training service to help you come up with bankable loan proposals.

The following programs are available. Click on each link to be directed to the detailed page describing what we offer.

Product Summary description
SMEAZ Savings & Credit Cooperative

The SMEAZ Savings & Credit Cooperative enables members to get quick short-term loans (emergency loans, order financing and invoice discounting). It also acts as a guarantee fund/collateral substitute for members whose loans have been approved by a financial institution. It can also guarantee credit purchases and other credit facility transactions.

Invoice Discounting

Where you have supplied a reputable customer, and are awaiting payment, this facility can enable you to access part of the receivables in advance. We have a number of financial institutions that offer invoice discounting facilities.

Order / Tender Finance

Where you have an order, and need funding in order to buy materials and services required to fulfill the order, this facility provides such funding. It is also applicable where you need financing in order to fulfill a tender issued by a reputable organisation.

Working capital finance

If your business is unable to cope with demand due to inadequate stock levels or seasonal fluctuations, this facility enables you to boost your stocks/working capital in order to meet such demand.

Asset / Capital expenditure finance

Where you need to buy an asset in order to grow your business, this product enables you to acquire such an asset, and repay over a longer period of time.

Equity funding

For businesses looking for rapid expansion/take-off, getting other investors may be an ideal way of achieving this. We are in the process of launching a facility which will also provide early-stage investor funding for businesses that are still small, but have a great business model and growth potential.

Grants and Development Agency Funding

Grants and development agency funding are sometimes available for certain projects, particularly in the marginalised/empowerment, women & youth, environment & greening and innovation spaces. We do not currently have any donor programs running, therefore we do not have grant or donor opportunities available.


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