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The Association shall bear the following values in mind in everything that it and its members do:

  1. Honesty and integrity

    Above all else, the operations of the Association must be conducted in a manner that reflects honesty and integrity, and seeks the greater good of its members and the nation first and foremost. Dishonesty and a lack of integrity shall not be tolerated at any level.

  2. Transparency

    All dealings that are directly or indirectly associated with the Association shall be done transparently. Where there is a potential for conflict of interest, all members are compelled to disclose such potential conflict, and the onus shall be on them to do so. Related party transactions and transactions that result in a direct or indirect benefit to any member must similarly be disclosed.
  3. Impartiality and fairness

    The Association shall conduct its duties with impartiality and fairness. This shall be particularly relevant with regards to allocation of resources and benefits. No preferential treatment shall be given to any parties outside of the stipulations of the relevant rules and regulations.
  4. Servant leadership

    The Association shall strive to promote the virtues of servant-leadership. Office bearers within the Association shall seek primarily to serve the Association’s members, and therefore service should take precedence over any other consideration.
  5. Professionalism

    Affairs of the Association shall be conducted professionally, and in a way that maintains and promotes a good standing and image. All members shall strive to ensure that the Association only renders world-class service.
  6. Thought leadership

    The Association and its members will strive to remain at the forefront of promoting and adopting international best practice. The Association shall actively encourage innovation both with respect to how it is run, and how its members do business.
  7. Best practice

    The Association’s primary aim is to inculcate best practices within the SME sector to grow them into world-class corporations. The SME Association of Zimbabwe shall therefore incorporate best practice in all its activities, to serve as an example in practicing what it preaches. This shall include the cultivation of a world-class culture, brand and image

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SME Association of Zimbabwe

Growing start-up, small and medium sized enterprises into large corporations

Our mandate is to help start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses to grow into large corporations. We also work with large corporations, development agencies & partners, and other organisations interested in working with SMEs (affiliates).