The vision of the Association is to advance the interests of SMEs and entrepreneurs involved in the running of SMEs. This vision shall be achieved, inter alia, though the following activities:

    1. Advocating for the rights of SMEs at all relevant national fora, which shall include but shall not be limited to:
      1. Government and Government ministries
      2. Quasi-government organisations
      3. Non-governmental organisations
      4. Councils and municipalities
      5. Any other relevant local and international fora.
    2. Advancing the cause of SMEs through activities such as:
      1. Promotion and development of markets
      2. Sourcing and channelling of capital and technical assistance to SMEs
      3. Education and training for entrepreneurs
      4. Developing or encouraging the development of infrastructure (factory shells, incubation units e.t.c) for the promotion of SMEs’ activities.
    3. Interactions with other national associations and groupings in order to ensure SMEs’ interactions with their members are mutually beneficial.

Providing training and services to SMEs to enable them to graduate to being large-scale industries.