The Association's activities are driven by sub-committees, which report to the Executive Committee. Each sub-committee has between four and five members, each of whom is a specialist in the field. Operational sub-committees are headed by chairpersons who sit on the Executive Committee representing their sub-committee. The following are the sub-committees:


Name of Sub Committee Purpose
Audit To ensure there is transparency &accountability in all of the Association's financial activities and transactions, and to safeguard the Association's assets.
Capital Markets To support the creation of a vibrant capital market environment for SMEs in Zimbabwe.
Decentralization To encourage the formation and expansion of SMEs in areas outside of the major towns and cities, in line with the "growth point" strategy previously adopted by Government.
Environmental To develop a culture of incorporating environmentally friendly business practices in SMEs.
Finance Establish and maintain a robust, world-class financial management environment within the SME Association of Zimbabwe.
Fund-raising Oversight of the Association's income based and developmental strategies aimed at generating revenues to support the activities and expansion of the Association.
Human Resources To create and maintain a world-class Human Resources function within the SME Association, which adheres to best practice, and attracts and retains the best talent within the Association.
Infrastructure Create world-class infrastructure for members of the Association and for the Zimbabwean economy in general.
Lobbying & Advocacy To create a vibrant, non-confrontational and effective lobbying and advocacy function for the Association which continuously seeks a level and fair playing field for SMEs in Zimbabwe and on the global market.
Media & Communications Create a unified, powerful and progressive voice, brand and presence for the Association in Zimbabwe and abroad.
Research & Development Ensure that the Association and its members attain and maintain a position of leadership in the area of SME development through the application of research and development techniques.
Training & Development To create a world-class training program for SMEs that will give them adequate training to expand from being small enterprises to being large corporations with global impact.