What is Subscribed membership?

Subscribed members are aspiring entrepreneurs who have not yet started their business, but are looking to start in the near future. This includes entrepreneurs who may have done the preliminary work behind starting their enterprise, but have not started actively serving customers. They thus would not be registered in the business directory, but would be registered as users, and would be eligible to participate in the Association's programs just like other members.


The primary purpose behind this membership category is to provide information and advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. In starting a business, it is important to set off on the right footing, and to ensure that you lay a proper foundation for the business. Mistakes made at the start often cannot be corrected later on, and most cases of start-up business failure are attributable to avoidable mistakes, which we endeavour to help you avoid.

Specific benefits within this category are:

  1. Initial one-on-one meeting to discuss entrepreneurship and to brainstorm your proposed idea(s).
  2. Discounted attendance at workshops and other events specifically tailored for subscribed members.
  3. Discounted fees for attending training workshops and seminars.
  4. Advice and assistance in sourcing funding. Please note that start-up funding is generally very difficult to obtain, as most funders and investors want to finance businesses that have gained some sort of traction. Where possible, ensure you have enough capital to cover at least the first six months' expected running costs.
  5. Seeking investors, for unique, high-potential ventures.
  6. Assistance in finding suitable operating premises for your business, when it is ready to start.
  7. Other benefits that the Association may, from time to time, become able to avail.


An entrepreneur with a business already running will not qualify for this membership category, and once your business has commenced operations (and is registered in the business directory) your Subscribed membership ceases forthwith. You will at that point be expected to become a Premium member.



You can become a Subscribed member by making a payment of $24 to the Association. Click here for details of how you can pay.