What is Platinum membership?
A Registered member who meets the qualification criteria below, or Premium member who has grown beyond that membership category's thresholds shall become a Platinum member upon payment of the relevant Platinum subscription, as laid out in the By-laws. Platinum membership is open only to enterprises classified as medium sized enterprises (asset base over US$100 000, or annual turnover exceeding US$240 000, but both not exceeding US$1 million).


In line with our mission to grow small and medium-sized enterprises into large corporations, our assistance to this category of membership is primarily aimed at growing them into large corporations. Should the entity not wish to pursue this option, we still provide support services to enable it to operate optimally at its desired size.

Similar to the Premium membership, Platinum members are entitled to one-on-one services that start with mapping out a specific growth strategy and action plan aimed at achieving their growth targets.

Platinum members are entitled to:

    1. Marketing your products on the business directory and online shop (priority listing).
    2. Inclusion in the business linkages program.
    3. Automatic entry into the Local Legends competition under the medium-sized enterprises' category.
    4. Receive the exclusive Platinum member newsletter that gives strategic insights into growing your business.
    5. Your banner adverts featured in our various newsletters and on the website for free.
    6. Display your pull-up banners, brochures and other marketing materials at our offices and at free events.
    7. Ability to post discussions on our LinkedIn page.
    8. Assistance with seeking funding for your business through banks within our affiliate network and other funding entities.
    9. Seeking investors for your business, where necessary.
    10. Once active, assistance with listing on the SME stock exchange.
    11. Discounted fees for participating in our training programs.
    12. Discount on fees for attending the Association's business events and meetings.
    13. Lobbying and advocacy services, where the Platinum member’s issue is of a nature that affects several other members’ operations.
    14. Preferential access to funding and any other benefits sourced by the Association through its activities, up to a limit of US$1 million.
    15. Assistance with seeking suitable accomodation for your business.
    16. Attend and vote at general meetings of the Association. 
    17. Election of your representative(s) into sub-committees and the Executive Committee of the Association.
    18. Other benefits as the Association may from time to time decide to avail.

      Where relevant, access to membership benefits shall be on a seniority basis, with those who became members on earlier dates being given preferential access to subsequent members.


  1. No business whose assets and/or turnover is below or above the thresholds stipulated in the eligibility section shall be allowed to be registered as a Platinum member.

How to become a Platinum member

  1. If you are joining for the first time (i.e. not a Registered or Premium member), you will need to complete the registration process. Click here for details on how to register online.
  2. You will need to pay the stipulated Platinum subscription, as laid out in the By-laws. Currently, the fee for Platinum membership is $200 per annum, or $20 per month. Payment of the annual subscription fixes the fee for a full year from the date of payment, while monthly subscriptions are subject to change without notice.
  3. If you were previously a Premium member and are graduating to becoming a Platinum member, you can simply top up on your existing Premium membership fee for the remaining period of that subscription.

Payment details

To become a Platinum member, simply pay your subscription by following the instructions contained here.